Established in 2016, Food of Love offers a safe environment for genuine exchanges that can help facilitate the healing process.

As the owner and facilitator, Sam Lutui specializes in helping youth and adults accomplish their goals using a variety of musical methods he has developed over the years.  With his program, Sam has found great success in helping those suffering emotional and physical pain that has resulted in depression, stress, and anxiety. He also serves clients with special needs who often turn to music as a natural means of communication when traditional methods are a challenge.

As a musician and counselor, Sam has had the opportunity to work with the individual, in small and large group settings, and has shared his message in workshops and as a speaker at variety of events.  His passion for his work began with his love for both music and serving his community. The summit of these two components naturally resulted in Food of Love.

“Music is in everyone. It is the universal language. Everyone speaks it and it speaks to everyone. Right now we all need a little more love. Music is the Food of Love and it is a valuable tool for healing.”

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